September 14th, 2006

Fighting zombies in malls might be old news, but malls themselves are still pretty strange. I mean, think about it: They’re big, they’re self-contained, they’re essentially biodomes–commercial reflections of our larger worlds.

Which makes them cool, but creepy, like alternate universes.  Besides, they beg the question: Given wacko circumstances, could I survive here alone?  Plunder the food court for dinners, ransack Macy’s for winter clothes, take baths in the fountain.  You know you’ve had that day dream.

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2 Responses to “Everyone Loves a Bubble”

  1. Player1 Says:

    I often see malls, and office buildings, construction sites and department stores as levels within which you could play a fps (paintball) or a stealth sneak-em up.

    After too much Tony Hawk Skateboarding many years ago, I saw every rail very differently, looking for ways to link it to another trick surface. The level design of some shopping centres is awesome!

    Even now, after a few days snowbaording in RL, I see slopes of roads and grassy hills in a different light, imagining my turns and jumps.

    Appropriating spaces for alternative uses is fun – as a kid you did it all the time.

  2. Bonnie Says:

    It’s funny, big games designer Frantz Lantz–who uses real world space as game space all the time–made a similar comment about skate boarders, namely that they see the world differently, always as a place for potential play.

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