July 17th, 2006

What it has to do with sex has yet to be seen, but I couldn’t help but mentioning this so-cute-you-could-just-eat-it-up indy game whose shiny colors and adorably groteque graphics caught my eye at The Onion A. V. Club this afternoon.  Perhaps you know it: It’s Eets–catchy subtitle: “Hunger.  It’s emotional”—kinda Chu Chu Rockets, kinda 2D Worms, all ridiculous fun.  Grumpy wales shoot you from their blow holes; big-mouth pigs explode terrain with high-speed piglets.  After all the talk we’ve done around here about consumption, you have to check it out.  I promise it’ll make you giggle.  Personally, I’m in that weepy stage, somewhere between my completed one-hour demo and my inevitably abandoned $19.95…

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2 Responses to “Eat Me”

  1. Coldstone Says:

    Sorry to seque, but the onion had a review of a game with a girl as the heroine. Maybe things are changing :)

    Awww, dammit. I just noticed that you wrote the review, so its not news to you. Sounded like an interesting game.

  2. Bonnie Says:

    I love when that happens :-).

    Yeah, Drill Dozer‘s really fun. Lots of adorable vibrations.

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