June 13th, 2006

My article on the so-recent-it’s-still-wet Sex in Games Conference went up today at Wired News.  The piece focuses on the question, “What turns people on?” — as you may well know if you’re one of the dozen or so good sports into whose unsuspecting faces I shoved a tape recorder this past week.  Highlights include inflating breasts, sexy questing, and the fact that Kelly Rued like cat boys.

It’s always interesting to see how my articles change after they go through the Wired editing process.  It seems to me this one could use a little more sentence variety, plus Sheri Graner Ray’s “physiological” has somehow become “psychological” — but so it goes.  Also, my apologies to Andrea, whose lovely visage, stuck in a semi-“oh” face, has become the article’s spokesperson.

Do also check out Annalee’s more general coverage of the event.  Girls who wear ties: they know their stuff.

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