April 10th, 2006

I’ve got to admit, I was losing faith in cybering.

Not in a larger, analytical sense (I know cybersex is here to stay), but in the more personal, “Why?” kind of way, I’ve been having my doubts. Besides, most of my recent encounters have left me wondering, “Do this even turn me on?”, or does it just make me crave a better, non-virtual equivalent.

After all, I have a super fun RL sex life to compete with, and “innovations” like Xcite!, while interesting in some ways, have hardly helped spice things up. But I’ve been waiting, keeping my fingers crossed that the internet would turn up something, just something, that could get me going better than in real life.

That is, until the other day, when, while doing linguistics research in Second Life, I stumbled across a male hottie (and I don’t use that term lightly; most SL guys look like hot air balloons of muscle, waiting to explode) who began chatting about his RL kinks. As I was on my way out the door, he mentioned one he thought I wouldn’t be so into. When I asked him to explain, he launched into a 2+ hour story about the details about of a very sexy situation.

Needless to say, I didn’t go anywhere. I was glued to the screen, literally on the edge of my seat. Watching that interesting, well-written story come up line by line… The tension was amazing. I went from not caring to addicted in thirty seconds flat.

Here’s something the internet can do that real-life can’t: interactive erotica.¬†With a book, you can read¬†text fast; you can spoil it. But when someone feeds it to you line by line, you can’t help but read carefully, and then beg for more.

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8 Responses to “It’s All in the Timing”

  1. FerrousBuller Says:

    Well, that wasn’t really cybering, was it? It sounds like it was passive, not interactive on your part: that was more like real-time storytelling, with you as his rapt audience.

    Still, proof no matter how jaded you think you’ve become about something, it’s possible for someone to reawaken your interest under just the right circumstances. :-)

  2. Scott Jon Siegel Says:

    I don’t see why that can’t be considered cybering. How is it any different from a guy doing all the work? ^_^

    In all seriousness, if the one party enjoys telling the story, and the other party enjoys listening, it can be just as successful a form of cybering as anything else.

    There’s something inherently sexual about storytelling, though, isn’t there? The speaker is in a very dominant position, while the listener can’t help but be submissive. He/she is entirely dependent on the speaker to keep going, and the speaker can moderate his/her pace, timing, in order to elicit the desired reactions. It’s brilliant. -sj

  3. Noche Kandora Says:

    Won't you let us in on the details of the story, Bonnie?? Just kidding! Seriously, I think storytelling is definitely relevant to cybering indirectly (or even directly) since it could in fact serve as an effective form of foreplay, and also could be quite interesting and exciting if using DURING the actual virtual act of sex.

  4. Kira Says:

    I completely agree with you. Having a story told by someone who can do it well can be an erotic experience. I bet more than a few women (and men too of course) tuned into Orson Welles’s radio broadcasts when he did them many decades ago… and look at the success of books on tape! However it could be argued that one reason it was so interesting was because this guy was relating an experience he had actually had, as opposed to being the narrator of an independent story.

  5. Bonnie Says:

    Won't you let us in on the details of the story, Bonnie??
    A girl must have her secrets ;-).

    As for storytelling as an interactive/cybering experience, I found it interesting that the guy who was telling the story — so it turns out — was actually annoyed that I wasn’t telling him more of a story myself. My responses to him were mostly, “Oh really?” or “Then what?” or “Get on with it! You’re killing me!” But once I told him I had to go, he explained that he had wanted to hear about how hot and bothered his story was making me. Which seems, to me at least, like much less interesting material than what he was talking about. It does though bring out the interactive nature of story telling. In real life, you have an audience to watch, to shift around when you see their reactions. In the virtual realm, it’s hard to see if your listener is enraptured, or just bored.

  6. Brummbar Says:

    Won't you let us in on the details of the story, Bonnie??
    A girl must have her secrets ;-).

    Oh, phooey. There are few things less interesting than talking about dirty stories without actually repeating the story.

  7. Bonnie Says:

    Oh, phooey. There are few things less interesting than talking about dirty stories without actually repeating the story.

    Actually, I’d say the least interesting thing in the world is when people tell you — in detail, as if you really cared — all about their dreams. Give me the cliffnotes, for God’s sake!

    As for this sexy story, you’ll just have to use your imagination. There are reaons why the person telling it thought it would weird me out, and there are reasons why I think it would weird out most of you. Let me save the little face I have left :-).

  8. Brummbar Says:

    Fair enough. But “weird” is where I’m just getting started.

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