March 20th, 2006

Should games be working for the greater good?

Some games allow us to vent our frustrations; others offer us the chance to meet new people. Still others teach us life skills… like how to share, how to manage money, or how to fake an orgasm.

The team over at Molleindustria, the same socially-conscious people who brought you the McDonald’s Game, have two flash-based titles up on their site — Queer Power and Orgasm Simulator— which are worth a bit of attention, if not for their gameplay, than for their poke-you-in-the-ribs premises.

Queer Power, where players can “fornicate following their highly changeable desires,” lets you suck and fuck in any number of positions and male/female combinations. Enter “Queerland” and “forget what you learned at school about the two genders!”

Orgasm Simulator is another one of those let’s-use-humor-to-rethink existing-social-conditions kinda games (and of particular interest here at Heroine Sheik, given all our simulated orgasm talk in the past). In this instance, it’s not the man who has to induce an orgasm in a woman, or even a woman trying to bring herself to orgasm.

No, in this orgasm simulator, players must match their moans to their beefy partner’s, in order to fake a believable orgasm and successfully make him “feel like a man.”

It certainly makes an amusing comment on orgasm games, and the male pre-occupation with female orgasms in general. Beyond that though, it raises the question, should games teach lessons? Of course, it’s the place of all art to challenge (and mock) accepted society, and certainly these games have a more intellectual agenda than a lot of titles we see on the shelves, but, in the end, are they effective? Talk amongst yourselves…

I, for better or for worse, will be away until next Sunday, roaming the British countryside. But that doesn’t mean the fun will stop around here. Oh, no no. Start a comments duel. Make fun of redheads. Let the mischief abound. Tip-tip, cheerio, and see you soon!

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4 Responses to “Learning How to Fake It”

  1. Brummbar Says:

    …and the male pre-occupation with female orgasms in general

    What? I thought the standard womens’ complaint was that we guys don’t care enough about that.

  2. Bonnie Says:

    What? I thought the standard womens' complaint was that we guys don't care enough about that.
    See here.

  3. Brummbar Says:

    You can’t seriously expect me to keep track of what I or anybody else writes for longer than one day…

  4. Bonnie Says:

    Fair enough :-).

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