February 20th, 2006

An article of mine, “Sex Games Get Down to Business,” apparently went up at Wired News a few days back. The piece is a preview for the upcoming Sex in Games Conference Brenda Brathwaite and Evergreen Events will be running in San Francisco this June. Even though the event will mostly handle the professional end of things, I’m quite excited to see the presenters — many of whom I know from internet land but have never met in real life — in flesh and blood action! Now I only need something to wear…

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13 Responses to ““Sex Games Get Down to Business””

  1. Patrick Dugan Says:

    Yeah, its cool to go places and do things.

    I’ve realized sex games are such a potent market, someone needs to make something that makes interactive the context of sex, which is really what we care about as a culture. That person will make bank.

  2. Bonnie Says:

    “Makes interactive the context of sex”

    Wadja mean, Patrick? I’d love to know more, and, you know, “make bank” :-).

  3. Brummbar Says:

    Is making bank better than phat lewt?

  4. Bonnie Says:

    Well, in the absence of Patrick, I’d have to say yes, yes it is.

    Lingo confuses me greatly…

  5. frodo Says:

    Isn’t “making bank” more in the realm of construction? Masonry? I don’t get it! Why would people who are making sex games create buildings for storing money. WHY.

  6. Brummbar Says:

    Leave the Masons out of this.


  7. Bonnie Says:

    “Why would people who are making sex games create buildings for storing money. WHY.”

    The world may never know… Probably something to do with performing decadent sexual acts in aforementioned money. Like Uncle Scrouge, in Duck Tales, who swims in the stuff. You know he’s doing more than that in there.

  8. Brummbar Says:

    Maybe he’s always wanted to come into money.

  9. Brummbar Says:

    I apologize to all vertebrate lifeforms for that joke.

  10. Bonnie Says:

    Someday we’ll recover enough to be able to forgive you.

  11. FerrousBuller Says:

    I figure the first truly successful sex game will be a lot like Myst: utterly gorgeous, yet filled with arbitrary puzzles that have nonsensical solutions, a lot of tedious repetition, and the whole thing doesn’t make a lot of sense, which leaves you scratching your head, wondering what all the fuss was about in the first place.


  12. Bonnie Says:

    I could never understand Myst. I mean, I understand it, but when I played it it totally baffled me. True, I was like 10 at the time, but who knew what those controls did, or why this ship was there, or what the hell was going on. And, yes, I think good sex could be a lot like that :-).

    For actually thoughtful commentary on the future of sex design, I would recommend you to Kelly Rued’s musing on the IGDA’s Sex SIG mailing list. She runs Black Love Interactive, and, as such, knows her shit.

  13. FerrousBuller Says:

    Well, the joke / stereotype is that the male sexual response is like a light switch, while the female sexual response is like a Rube Goldberg contraption: comparing it to Myst seemed the most obvious gaming metaphor. :-)

    P.S. You’re making me feel old again: stop – that.

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