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January 15th, 2006

Yes, it’s official; I’ve become part of the blog collective over at Terra Nova. I’ve even been given a fun little introduction (Thanks, Dan!). Plus, I’m quite psyched to be there; Julian Dibbel may or may not be my personal hero, and the mere thought of sharing webspace with fellow intellectual MMO-writing fanboys makes me […]

January 14th, 2006

Friday at The Escapist a piece of mine went up about suffering and control in games, called “Addicted to Pain.” Why do we love to blow things up? Read and see. Remember to follow the discussion over at The Escapist blog. Also, I’ve recently joined the team at Terra Nova (Hooray!), so, if you’re interested […]

January 11th, 2006

Well, I’m officially moved in here in Ireland. I haven’t had my first beer yet, but the season is young. And yes, things are very green. At the same time I’ve been moving, I’ve been working on a piece for Gamasutra about a sex-themed design challenge that took place back in November, and looking at […]

January 5th, 2006

Tear, tear, Miss America wave, Miss America wave… As of Sunday, I’m headed off to Ireland, the land of all things green, where I’ll be living until the end of May. Sadly, my consoles will be staying home (Long live portables systems!), my internet access will no longer flow like sweet sweet candy, and I […]

January 3rd, 2006

Is it really possible for me talk about something besides gender and sexuality? Apparently. My piece today at The Escapist, Mainstream Gaming, Mainstream Shopping,” deals with the question of mainstream-ization. Are we losing our unique gamer culture? Are we becoming part of the crowd? Yes. But no worries — in this girl’s opinion, it’s a […]

January 2nd, 2006

Just wanted to give a quick heads and let you all know that Heroine Sheik may be experiencing some down time here and there over the next week. No worries, though, we really are still here; I promise. In the meantime, here’s hoping everyone’s having a happy, healthy, — oh, who am I kidding — […]

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