January 5th, 2006

Tear, tear, Miss America wave, Miss America wave…

As of Sunday, I’m headed off to Ireland, the land of all things green, where I’ll be living until the end of May. Sadly, my consoles will be staying home (Long live portables systems!), my internet access will no longer flow like sweet sweet candy, and I will most likely be lost in a sea of pale-skinned redheads.

BUT, my thirsty, kid-in-a-candy-shop love of sex in games chitchat can’t be quenched, not even by five months of Irish beer, so I’ll still be around as much as possible. Just don’t make funny faces at me if I don’t respond to your comments as quickly as I should; discussion is really my favorite part of this gig. Most likely, it’s just that lepricons have held me up a knife-point and forced me to go outside.

Happy New Year and a happy spring to America and its gamers! I’ll be seeing you soon…

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3 Responses to “All Things Green”

  1. Kelly A Says:

    Good luck and enjoy your time in Ireland! Is this a holiday, work related, an educational tour…inquiring minds want to know :)

  2. MD² Says:

    If you happen to meet a violet-blemish-skinned antisocial leprechaun named Max, don’t drink his bear or beer. End of transmission.
    Hope things will go well for you.

    “discussion is really my favorite part of this gig”, well, discussion being, as I say, the sexuality of ideas, I’m not surprised at all. -_^

  3. Bonnie Says:

    Thanks, Kelly. This is educational. Well, at least I hope it is.

    And thanks, MD^2. Ah, the sex of ideas…

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