December 15th, 2005

Taking noted video game characters and sticking them in sexy situations is still a new and somewhat odd concept for us. The powers of machinima and the minds that produce them have certainly made it possible. Then again, would we really want to see our beloved favorites in sexual positions? Link on Samus? Ice Climber on Ice Climber? Would that be pornography, or just a joke?

Strange as the idea may seem (both for the graphical legistics and the hilarious ramifications), it comes up often in other media subcultures — mostly in a form we seem to be seriously lacking around here, though it’s abundant enough elsewhere — namely, slash.

Who needs machinima when you can write your porn? So does video game slash exist? Are people lusting after famous game characters the same way they lust after Lord of the Rings characters?

Slash in and of itself is a strange phenomenon because it reverses a lot of accepted gender roles. Often, it’s composed by women for consumption by other women. To make matters even more confusing, it’s most commonly written about male homosexual contact, which may be hot and steamy, but usually involves longterm emotional involvement.

Maybe Mario and Luigi are more than brothers…

Are we missing a subculture here, a pocket of the gaming world? Or would video game slash be somehow ineffectual? Would it defeat an element of the attraction of games to reduce something that is visual and interactive to something that is merely text-based and stagnant? Somehow though, given the popularity of text-based cybering, I don’t think that the written word should be a turn-off for gamers in this community. Writing allows us all the ability to shape video games in ways that machinima still can’t accomplish.

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6 Responses to “Lusting after Old Friends: Video Game Slash”

  1. qDot Says:

    Oh, come on. Of course video game slash exists. Just google “video game slash”. It’s been around for YEARS.

    Same way video game dojinshi exists (mmmm, SC Ivy with male parts…).

    As for “Who needs machinima when you can write your porn?”, well, who needs SL when you have LambdaMOO? Who needs Graphical Adventures when you have Interactive Fiction?

  2. Bonnie Says:

    q, I get that video game slash exists. I too have the power to google :-). My point is, does it exist/does it have a presence in this community? Aside from solo google adventures, I’ve never come across it; no one mentions it in talking about video games and sex. Is that because text-based porn (and I do think there’s strong difference between reading text and interacting through text) is considered inferior and less desirable? Also, what is the psychology behind wanting to read about/see famous characters go at it, as opposed to the psychology of say watching unknown (but controlled by real people) WoW characters go at it.

  3. Carl Says:

    Apparently, Mandarake has all your Smash Porn needs:

  4. Bonnie Says:

    Sadly enough, I’d be really interested to see that porn :-). The thought of that store, okay, just the picture of that store, is making me drool…

  5. Bonnie Says:

    A general question to the world: When you watch porn, do you prefer to seem familiar faces? Does knowing the people (or at least the characters) involved allow us to becoming more emotionally invested? Does this make it a more sexually arousing experience, or simply a more moving one? For me personally, I would say facelessness – not knowing the people involved – is more arousing, because it allows for a disconnect in the viewer.

  6. MD² Says:

    I’d say say not so much because it allows a disconnect as it, on the contrary, allows connection.
    It’s easier to project yourself on an unknown face, and easier still on a blank one.

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