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November 17th, 2005

I’ve recently been talking with games writer Alejandro Garcia Williams from EGM en Español, who’s putting together a piece about gay and lesbian video gamers. He’s asked me to ask you guys a question. Respond, and your words of wisdom may end up in Electronic Gaming Monthly… in Spanish! So, Alejandro would like to know, […]

November 15th, 2005

A somewhat overdue, but now posted-and-pretty piece of mine, “Developing Sex in Games,” went up today at Gamasutra. It’s mostly a prose-ized interview with Brenda Brathwaite, a sex games developer and head of the IGDA’s Sex in Games SIG. She’s gotten a lot of good press lately – so heck, why not give her more? […]

November 14th, 2005

I was recently de-flowered of my Sims virginity after playing The Sims 2 for an A.V. Club review. I admit, I’m new to the world of simulated living, but somethings struck me as pretty realistic – like the fact that my sim had to take a nap every other goddamn minute, or that cooking healthy […]

November 11th, 2005

A handful of interesting links about relationships in MMORPG’s (see Joystiq on cheating, and the Daedalus Project on romance) has got me thinking again on a favorite question of mine: What makes online sex and/or love so appealing? At first, we were restricted to the world of the chatrooms for our sexy internet interactions. Now, […]

November 9th, 2005

The following is a survey for an upcoming column of mine in The Escapist on gender and video game merchandise. Anyone and everyone who’d like to fill it out is welcome. Feel free to leave your answers as comments, or, for a little more privacy, email me at bonnie [at] Also, if you prefer […]

November 6th, 2005

Should female gamers and developers be discouraged from creating safe, welcoming environments for women in the industry? Should women shut their mouths and hope to assimilate in the sea of men? Should gender issues be ignored? Uh, no. But apparently that hasn’t stopped some of the lovely ladies in our midst from turning pretty catty. […]

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