November 1st, 2005

Apologies for the dramatic title, but yesterday was Halloween, and the topic for today is horror.

A piece of mine, “Women Monsters and Monstrous Women: Representing the Feminine in Survival Horror”, went up today at The Escapist, as part of an entire Girl Power issue dedicated to, well, women and games. I highly suggest you check it out – the issue itself, that is. I know that’s how I plan on spending my morning.

As some of you may know, women monsters in games – and the larger concept of the horrible female – is something of a favorite topic for me, so I’m quite glad to have a few words out there. If you’re interested in other such wonderful-ness outside the medium of game, I recommend Heart of Darkness, or “Ghost in the Shell 2”. Yup, women sure are scary.

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62 Responses to “Lady Zombies and the Absolutely Horrifying Truth about Gendered Monsters”

  1. MD² Says:

    Taking one point of your logic to its extreme, you could say video-games have been an empowerment tool for women from the very start, as they almost always allowed them to exercise complete control over male avatars made to be played by male players, therefore subverting both game and social norms to the female player’s will.

    I’ve been trying to find a proper way to express what was troubling me with your article for a couple hours now (and I had a whole afternoon of thinking before that) but in the end I can only boil it down to this: you’ve made the mistake of channeling the physical monster with the social monster. Not that it’s necessary always a bad idea. But I seems to me the figure of the human monster is always preceding another, that of the individual to tame/straighten. The use of women as physical monster might be a good idea because it can send all rules to hell (but actually might be used against you goals, what is a monster if not an extreme limit point… and what better way to keeps someone out of some forms of power than leave her there, whether it’s a the top or bottom), but the amalgam with gamer as social monster is a mistake, because it only hints at someone to be redeemed.
    Sorry if I’m not clear, my level of english isn’t exactly on par with what I want to express.

    I keep thinking you should have used Sarah Kerrigan as an exemple(except maybe she was still too much of a human being ?).

  2. Tablesaw Says:

    How does the Bloodrayne fit into the construct of your analysis?

    I ask because part of your article (“Men, as the ones most often holding the controllers, exercise control over playable female characters, redistributing the power balance in favor of the male. . . .”) seems to imply that these monstrous characters can only be empowering when they are cannot be controlled by the player. A character “[r]eleased by her monstrousness” would be invariable “tamed” again as an avatar.

    I have admittedly not played Bloodrayne, but on its surface, it would seem to support the idea that monstrous women cannot be PCs.

  3. Bonnie Says:

    MD^2, I hadn’t thought of that idea of redemption. That’s not what comes to my mind personally when I think of a social monster, but perhaps that’s just me. That would, as you say, change to situation considerably. As for Kerrigan, I know a little bit about her and her story, but I haven’t played enough StarCraft to feel comfortable examining her – though she sounds like a fascinating case. I’d love to hear what you think though.

    Tablesaw (an excellent tag, by the bye), you raise another really interesting point. I haven’t played much Bloodrayne either, but her place – just simply as a physical monster and a playable character – is a strange one in the context of the article’s line of thinking, isn’t it? In some ways, I would guess that she probably isn’t a monstrous character – even if she is technically a vampire – since she still plays to a number of female, non-other, sexualized ideals. I mean, from what I’ve seen, she seems to just be a hotty with fangs. But if she really is grotesque in some way or another, that changes things.

  4. Carl Says:

    Haven’t read all the comments here, but I did read the Escapist piece. My thought is that I could tell there was someone clever behind it, but the article itself was sort of shallow. Are women gamers really “monsters” in the imagination of male gamers? I think that your article was sort of lazy about allowing itself to stereotype male gamers as the kind of people who are only interested in female stereotypes. Now, I’m not going to deny that a lot of games have depictions of females that can loosely be classified as “damsels” or “heroines” or “monsters,” but I am going to ask that you look deeper into the causes for these stereotypical roles than just assigning blame on male gamers. First of all, it’s worth noting that gamers don’t make games. Game designers make games. So, that’s a first clue that it’s worth looking into the economics of the situation that leads to stereotype-laden game development. To give my hypothesis, I think that since plot is a disposable element of most games, game designers pay no more attention to it than necessary. Now, if we consider that game designers aren’t really concerned with the plots of their games, then it suddenly becomes clear that if gamer developers are making the “plots of least resistance,” these plots will naturally take the form of ‘stereotypical content.’ Myths, fables, bits of popular culture, and received wisdom are all chopped up by the hacks behind games. Why did Mario save Paula from Donkey Kong in his first outing? Because that was the plot that most closely matches the plot of King Kong without getting Nintendo into copyright trouble. Similarly, in Super Mario Bros., Mario has to save the Princess only because knights saving princess was so embedded in the culture that Miyamoto had to expend no mental capital to come up with image or (and this is also important) to express it to his audience. We as an audience instantly grok the idea of a princess trapped in a castle by a monster, so the developer needs to waste no energy explaining it to us. Thus, the image wasn’t used because its audience is necessarily sexist, but because the audience can easily understand the image and its implications. Similarly, for your horror games, developers already know that the sight of a female monster is frightening to people, so they include the image because of the effects it can acheive. However, there is no ‘sexist agenda’ on the part of developers or consumers, there is merely the fact that a female monster is frightening. Now, male monsters are the norm, because males are usually stronger than females, thus more frightening than other, weaker opponents, but an occasional female monster is also frightening because it transgresses a norm by being strong out of proportion to its gender. In any case, there’s no need to drag in the whole pity party of “all intelligent, independent females [breaking] the accepted standards of womanhood.” Such a statement is needless exaggeration. Not all male gamers are chauvinist pigs! Rather, game developers pull images from culture that they know people are all ready able to respond to because of preexisting biological and cultural training.

  5. Scott Jon Siegel Says:

    Carl: “Rather, game developers pull images from culture that they know people are all ready able to respond to because of preexisting biological and cultural training.”

    So what does it say that these images are typicallly of women needing to be saved by men? Bonnie’s point isn’t that men should be ashamed of themselves for programming (and playing) these games. It’s more complex than that. It’s about gender roles and how they’ve become a part of our culture.

    As for the comments, I suggest you go back and read them, as there are a lot of issues with the article addressed. Again, I don’t believe Bonnie is critiquing (or even accusing) men of making women monstrous in games. It’s a fairly new archetype for female characters in games to be monsters, and one that might pose just as many problems as “the damsel in distress,” but is far more interesting from a literary perspective; Bonnie will tell you that there is a wide range of texts, films, and poetry which deal with the female as monstrous. It’s not an attack on women, or on men. It’s just interesting, is all. -sj

  6. Bonnie Says:

    Also, before posting a comment here, I recommend reading Nov. 4th’s post, “Heroine Sheik: a Preliminary Warning”, as it explains the literary, critical approach that lies at the heart of this article – which many of you many be unfamiliar with. Thanks.

  7. Carl Says:

    Scott: “So what does it say that these images are typically of women needing to be saved by men?”

    That it takes more than 50 years to overturn all prior literary conventions and create new ones that are instantly recognizable? The feminist revolution is still young in the West and younger still in Japan. Game designers have to use established narratives in order to gloss things over more quickly. Doing that limits their options to things that people can already understand, which sometimes means drawing on parts of the culture that have been around since before the Atari 2600.

    Quick! Which game am I describing: a quasi-military organization does experiments, they go wrong, and now you have to kill monsters.

    The answer is: every FPS game ever and also the Aliens movies, from which they were ripped off.

    Someone is kidnapped and the hero must go on a long quest to retreive them. -> Every platformer.

    And on and on. Games have content which needs to be examined, but it’s not really the plot. Plots exist only as a means to an end. The end is to receive pleasure from the game. The pleasure can come from plot, but more typically it comes from control and play mechanisms. What needs to be examined are things like how in Mario, you hold down A longer to jump higher, leading to an intutive method to control movement that immerses the player.

    “It's not an attack on women, or on men. It's just interesting, is all.”

    Agreed, it is valid and interesting, I just feel like there are some parts where the author makes cheap shots like “intelligent, independent females break the accepted standards” and it detracts from her argument, since she hasn’t done anything to support such a blanket condemnation. The reason such statements are there is because they’re assumed to be true by the author, but without supporting evidence, they don’t belong.

    Anyhow, I am familiar with feminist interpretations of art, and I think they have some good insights in parts, but then in other parts they just get lazy and don’t turn their assumptions on themselves. Ultimately, dividing up the world into oppressive men and oppressed women is just as sexist as saying men are always strong and women are always weak. Like I said, I could tell there was someone intelligent behind the paper, but I think there were some weakness in the thinking that came from just resting on assumptions.

    Slightly changing the subject"¦ Has anyone done a good paper one whether video games embody or defy the ‘male gaze’ paradigm? I can see argument for both sides on that issue (embody because we stare at and control the game without being in the game; defy because our avatar is beset by the evil forces within the game), but personally I think the reason why is because ‘male gaze’ is a interpretive concept of only minor usefulness. It’s interesting to note that it exists, but there are too many exceptions to the rule for it to be of any predictive utility.

  8. Anonymous Says:


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