August 29th, 2005

I’ve been working for a while on a piece for Killer Betties about lesbian video gamers, and one of the interesting questions that’s come up is how they balance normal girl gamer concerns, such as wanting less sexist/sexy female representation in games and at conventions, and their own attraction to this sort of depiction. Thinking about that brings to mind the flipside of the issue: gay male gamers, who couldn’t care less about boobs and bikinis, and whether or not they’re able to view the merits, or lack thereof, of games more clearly than other men, since they can play without all the blinders of sex appeal getting in the way. Of course, there are still plenty of examples of well-toned men to provide homosexual distraction, but certainly fewer and less blatant examples than for women. In not falling for the half-naked-lady trap, aren’t gay men essentially cutting through the fat, judging games on (in theory) more important elements than the fluff developers add in to boost sales through the drool-factor? It’s taking a long time for us women to get accepted in the games industry. Instead, if we want to see some changes, maybe we need to start pushing our boys (who like boys) to the top of big, important, trend-setting companies – or at least have some little chats with those companies’ existing heads… Throw them a party, make sure they drink a bit too much, watch them wake up in the morning next to some pretty nice blokes. Really, anyone can be converted. Game equality, here we come.

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3 Responses to “20/20 Game Vision: A Different Type of Gaydar”

  1. Patrick Says:

    I certainly never saw any appeal in the Tomb Raider games, while my friends frothed at the mouth over Lara.

    Anyone care to mention male game characters they have the hots for? I can’t stop imagining the dad from Trace Memory (Nintendo DS) naked.

    Solid Snake is kind of sexy too — what *are* the origins of that name?

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