July 29th, 2005

Check out the semi-recent news over at Simply Games, makers of Brian Lara International Cricket. After discovering one of the artists had slipped a female streaker into the game (a model named Lauren Pope, to be exact), they performed a little good-hearted cencorship, for the sake of simple decency, and trashed the naked woman for a naked man. Let’s not even bore each other with the obvious sexism, double-standard talk; if they don’t get that now, I don’t think they’re going to any time soon. And we also won’t get started on what it says about the male body, which is apparently not sexy or devious but just old-fashioned funny.

Poor men, their bodies are a joke, they can’t wear dresses… Sometimes I feel like they’re the unliberated sex, and someday we’ll have the Male Rights Movement, where they’ll carry around signs and protest for the opportunity to question gender boundaries in the same women have for years. Then it’ll be men at home in frocks and women at the office in pants, or whatever the hell you please. And then maybe the over-protective gaming mothers will say, “Oh my, a naked man in a cricket game? I can’t let little Jimmy play; he might get too excited!”

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2 Responses to “Male Streakers are A-Okay for the Kiddies”

  1. JohnHummel Says:

    Yes, we can’t wear dresses. And you know what? On a hot day, when all of the women get to go around in short skirts, we envy you. Because if we walked around in shorts and loose shirts to give us space to breath we’d be called “unprofessional”.

    *Sob.* Women get to wear whatever they want. OK, take all of this with tongue firmly in cheek, but I found it amusing that they put in a naked man (which is about the only thing that can turn an R rated movie into NC-17) in place of a naked woman. Go figure.

  2. paulo moraes Says:


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