July 29th, 2005

Five finalists have been selected for the Quest for Antonia Model Search, run by Sony and Stuff Magazine. (For more backround info on the topic, check out my editorial, “Dressing the Part,” over at PGC). Who knows what the applicant pool looked like, or who exactly took the glam shots of these ladies, but I will admit they’re pretty darn attractive, and at least they vaguely resemble the over-chested, under-waisted Everquest II heroine.

I do wonder though, of the supposed 2.8 million votes, how many of them were from girls. Given all the problems inherent in the whole silly ordeal (female degradation, objectification by association with a manipulatable character, blah blah blah), there’s that ever-curious conundrum of girl gamers who like girls. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t necessarily mean lesbians or bisexuals – though they’re totally welcome at the party – but girls who enjoy looking at girls. Hell, I’m one of them. These models are hot.

Thing is, it seems guys hold a lot of power over girls by always being the lusty ones. 2.8 million votes, we assume, represent 2.8 million sweaty boys in front of computer screens. Women, we insist, shouldn’t be objects for men. How to change things? Maybe what we need is to stir things up – confuse the hell out of them. How better to take power away from oppressive male sexuality than by appropriating it? In normal words, why can’t we be the lecherous ones? How can guys hurt our feelings by being louses if we’re one step ahead. In conclusion, Holly Weber is a total babe; she has amazing boobs. Teresa Noreen looks the most like Antonia, but I’d feel like I was having sex with my kid sister. Now Anna Wainscoat, I would buy her dinner any day.

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3 Responses to “Look, Daddy, I’m a Real Girl!”

  1. Kelly A Says:

    The unfortunate (?) truth is that men are biologically programmed to respond to visual cues relate to the female body. I know this, because I’m a man… and despite (reasonable) intelligence and a desire to see all people as people, millions of years of evolution are tough as heck to overcome.

    To be more blunt, I get aroused merely by pictures of a beautiful woman. Heck, all it takes really is a visual snippet of certain curves- I’m not talking about anything rude here- and my male brain gears down into lower animal rut mode. I’ve been amazed at times when this happens to me in totally inappropriate contexts: a video of the camera panning over subtly lit curved shapes with certain cues, and boing! There goes the animal brain- and it turns out to be a new car or something. This is not something I want, but its the reality of being male, and trying to pretend it doesn’t exist or attempting to “bury” it is akin to a homosexual pretending to be straight- its not healthy. I really wish men and women could exchange brains for a day once in their lives- I suspect that the results would be educational.

    Getting back to the topic at hand…the five finalists are all attractive. From your post, I’m guessing you didn’t make it to the contest site before the finalists were chosen. There were a couple hundred contestents. As a voter, you could vote by assigning a number between 1 and 10 to each. So, those 2.8 million votes probably are something more like 300,000 voters: every voter could rate multiple contestents.

    One thing that I think was clear in the voting process- a lot of people were forgetting that this was a “pick someone most appropriate to be Antonia Bayle” contest, not a “pick the hottest woman” contest. And I think some of the contestents forgot this as well- they were drawn by the exposure (pun intended) they’d get by having a photospread in Stuff magazine, not by the chance to represent a fantasy character to fans.

    Personally, I voted for Teresa- she actually came closest (in my mind) to looking like Antonia, and she also made at least some small effort to find out about the character and the EverQuest game. I have some links in one of the blog entries on my website (http://www.kgadams.net/?p=136) that give a bit more background on Teresa.

  2. Bonnie Says:

    It definitely would be interesting to get inside a man’s brain for a day. I feel like women never really get the whole story on what you guys are thinking. I did visit the website during the voting process (see the “Dressing the Part” Editorial on the issue), but, as I didn’t vote myself, I didn’t realize you voted on each individual girl. It’s a good point; thanks for pointing it out. And, of course, like you say, the whole thing turned into a general beauty contest, but game-theme or no game-theme, did we really not see that coming? Anyways, I’ll have to keep an eye out for those car commercials with the sexy curves :-).

  3. Kelly A Says:

    “I feel like … never really get the whole story on what you guys are thinking”

    Ditto, except from the other side ;) I guess that’s the joy and heartbreak of gender.

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