May 27th, 2005

There are no video games in France. That’s a giant lie. But not for me. I’ve gone crazy!

Anyways, the point is this: I’ll be in France for the month of June as part of an intensive language program, eating cheese, wacking people with baguettes and using a beret as a frisbee. So, while video games do exist in France, I won’t be doing much existing with them. As a result, I probably won’t post until I return, though I might update the “In the News” section with strange and delightful tidbits. BUT you can still have a CRAZY PARTY in my absence!

How? First, if you’ve haven’t been here before, check out old posts. Who knows, you might find something that interests you; I think they’re nifty. Second, take a look at the image gallery. It’s still picking up steam, but already earning cuteness points. Most importantly, I’ve recently set up a GUEST BOOK. This is a spot to leave feedback – which, let it be noted, I can still edit from France. If you have something to say about the site, about me, about women in games, leave a (respectful) message and I’ll be happy to strike up a real conversation with you when I get back to the States.

Also, please please please leave your email address over on the guest book and join our MAILING LIST. I’m not selling addresses to the black market here, just putting together names of people who’d like to get a heads up when new editorials gets posted. Emails will definitely be limited to once every three days, at most. Come on, you know you love mail, especially mail that isn’t trying to sell you viagra. Or, who knows, maybe you love that kind of mail too.

Also also, the guest book is a place you can post YOUR IDEAS about gender and sexuality in games and gaming communities. Is there a topic nobody’s talking about and you want to see addressed? Some issue you think I should look at, or one you’d like to write about yourself? Leave a message; I’ll totally check it out. More people need to be writing about these issues, whatever side they’re on!

Thanks for visiting Heroine Sheik, and for passing along the word.

I leave with you this: Curious George meets Hello Kitty Vibrator. Enjoy.

See you in July!

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