May 26th, 2005

Yesterday Jane over at Game Girl Advance posted a rebuttal of sorts to an article up on called “Bosom Buddies” which she titled “Reacting to Nothing.” The original piece is little more than an air-filled (though not poorly written) attempt to explain why men deserve to want and see busty, stupid female characters in video games. The writer, after demanding “boobies,” tries to justify his gaming animal lust by letting us know, It’s okay, his wife is a scientist. Congratulations.

What’s more interesting though than the thoughts of a man with a controller grasped between his sweaty palms, is the way female gamers (in this case, a journalist) react. Jane, who’s been doing this for a while, seemed pretty shaken up. But why? She said herself the piece was “nothing.” True, it is scary to come across someone with narrow-minded ideas and the ability to write them down well. It’s easier to ignore the babbling fools.

The point is, Jane, don’t let it get to you. Save your strength for someone who doesn’t use the word “boobies.” Reacting with emotion, with anger, gives his argument power. Just treat it like what is it: nothing.

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