May 24th, 2005

A brief note to video game forum-users (of which I am, occasionally, one): I’m aware that most of you already revel in butchering the English language. Maybe I missed that memo, the one that says in order to talk about games we have to write like fools. Forum-users, you throw all care for grammar and syntax to the wind, reducing communication to its crudest, most offensive and disconnected form. At this point, the world has come to expect no less…

But really, at least get your insults right. If you can’t even spell “feminist,” you can’t accuse me of being one. Let’s not even get started on “feminism” as a dirty word. To you think women are show poodles, or actual people? Tada, feminist!

Now a “femenist,” I don’t even know what that is. How could I possibly be offended…?

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