July 30th, 2010

After half a decade, Heroine Sheik is now retired. However, its archives live on. Go on, poke around. Read!

For those of you visiting Heroine Sheik for the first time — possibly from academia, possibly raising one eyebrow — here’s some background info to consider:

For five years, this has been base-camp for my professional research and writings on sexuality, tech culture, and video games. Though now retired, the site was sponsored and published by The Village Voice. Much of its content, even (if not especially) that discussing my own experiences, contributed to my journalistic and analytical work in what some consider to be delicate subject matters.

As a writer, an academic, and a plain-old person, I take pride in speaking openly and clearly about sexuality and the ways it intersects with our contemporary lives. I believe strongly that topics like cybersex, perversion, and the adult industry are worthy of our attention and insights as both cultural theorists and literary thinkers.

I look forward to a career dedicated to better understanding these issues through creativity and analysis, and hope to act as an example through the “out-ness” of my work — as well as my willingness to approach with frankness rich subject matter often relinquished to the taboo. I’m proud of the material on this site, and the heated debates it sparks.

Let’s debate it together!

July 30th, 2010

Our Glass Lake, my new site, is now up and running.

If you’ve enjoyed Heroine Sheik, do check out my new online home. There will be less video games, yes, and there will be more grad school references, but it’s still the same old Bonnie blogging. How long could I really stay away from over-analyzing sex and sex related products?

April 28th, 2010

Hey, Heroine Sheik readers. How’s it going? You, uh, been okay? Yeah, I know I haven’t called in a really long time. Life has just been, complicated… you know? I hope we can still be — /awkward smile — friends.

Thing is, it turns out the life of a grad student, one with multiple S.O.s and a constellation of awesome friends living in a city full of shiny things (trampoline park, so soon!) is pretty darn busy. Unfortunately that means less time for gaming, and cybersex, and yes, blogging. It’s not you, it’s me.

The truth is though, it’s not just about time. We’ve drifted apart. I’m in school for comparative literature these days; the journalism is on the back burner. Sure, sometimes I come home wanting to write about sex in new media, but just as often I’m dying to rant about gender in The Aeneid. Heck, sometimes I want to post photos from my goofy art projects. And this just isn’t the space for that, you know? It’s not that this relationship doesn’t mean a lot to me, but I need a website where I can be more than the blogger I was when we met. I hope you understand. If not, here’s a someecard’s card to ease the parting blow.

So, yeah, after five awesome years of blogging here at Heroine Sheik with you awesome readers (especially you loyal maternal folk who wrote me over the last few months to make sure I wasn’t dead and stuff — thanks for that) I’m switching over to a new site: Our Glass Lake. Lolita reference, anyone? Yeah, I didn’t think so, but it makes me happy.

Our Glass Lake is still a work in progress, but once my web designer — see: long-laboring husband — finishes it will be
1) a blog where you’ll find me writing on a wider variety of sex/gender/life related topics
2) a better archive of my journalistic work
3) a collection of my creative projects
4) a more holistic online avatar (i.e. me!)
5) my new home on the teh interwebs

I hope you’ll join me over there sometime, loyal, new, or accidental reader. Also, don’t hesitate to wander old Heroine Sheik posts. For suggestions, see the recommended reading list on the right-hand side. Sometimes it scares me how much content has accrued here. Apparently I wrote all that. Is it wrong that I get nostalgic reading comment section troll wars of days passed?

January 1st, 2010

Still back in Philly for the holidays, still making the most of my brief foray into the land of proper weather and East Coast cynicism. Today being New Year’s Day, I thought I should reiterate the awesomeness of the Philadelphia tradition known as the Mummers’ Parade, in which grown men of Italian and Irish American descents dress up enormous costumes of feathers and sequins and march down Broad Street twirling in unison. I’ll be watching the parade from the semi-warmth of my own home, but those out on the street today will be seeing things like this…

The other great thing about Philadelphia that starts with an “m” (okay, that’s a weak tie, but I happen to have just been to this place for the first time the other day) is the Mütter Museum, a collection of medical oddities from the late 1800′s posing as a museum about museums that is itself just one big oddity. Personally I was a fan of the ovarian cysts as large as ottomans, but the following body parts were cool too, I guess.

Those who remember my obsession with the art history of representing anatomy will understand my Mütter Museum glee. Oh, and macho men in glitter — that’s pretty glee worthy too. So yeah, in the overall, not a bad trip. Then again, I still have four more days for everything to explode. San Francisco, don’t fall into the ocean before I come home!

December 30th, 2009

I’m back in Philadelphia with my parents and brother for the holidays, which means hilarity (see: absurdity) is ensuing in every direction. Tonight at dinner my mother announced that my father, some time ago, managed to piss off his brother by telling him how many more Google hits I have than him. The result: they two have barely spoken over the past few years. The past few years.

Granted, my father all but admitted the way he’d phrased his announcement (itself totally unprompted) was, “Ha, my daughter is more successful and popular than you!” Still, the idea of my uncle, a very wealthy telecommunications executive, getting multi-year angry over my Google hits warms my heart. Is that weird? Ah yes, one more high-powered, middle-aged man taken down by the powers of a twenty-something female sex columnist. It wasn’t even a fair fight: 27,000 to a mere 6,000.

Not that I’ve never played Google fight myself — and done the petty, petty dance of victory when the numbers come up in my favor. “What’s that, undergrad professor who thinks writing students don’t deserve respect as producers of valid creative work? Oh look, I have more Google hits than you. Guess who’s the better-known author now.” Yeah, I didn’t say I was magnanimous.

Anyways, Happy New Year! May you have tolerable times with your respective loved ones, and may all of your resolutions be ambitious but not particularly disappointing when you forget to care about them by the end of January.

December 25th, 2009

Okay, this has definitely been the longest I’ve ever gone without posting to Heroine Sheik. My poor, poor sex and technology baby. Anyways, contrary to popular opinion (or what I can assume of it) I am not dead, I’ve only disappeared into the black hole that is academia. Now that I have a month-ish off between semesters, I hope to join the ranks of the living — by which I mean living bloggers, I suppose.

Let it be noted, my internet disappearance has not been in vain. After an intense first half of December, I finished not one, not two, but three term papers on…

“Rewriting Lolita: Nabokov Slash Fiction and the Reader as Literary Rebel”
One of my all-time favorite books + close readings of hot and heavy FanFiction.net stories = a very happy, nerdy Bonnie.

“Structuring the Erotic: Creating a Taxonomy of The Eleven Thousand Rods
Okay, that one might sound less interesting, but it basically involves making a big chart of all the sex acts in a violent erotic novel. Thank you, Apollinaire, for introducing the surrealists to Sade, but I could have done without that scene with the giant spike. Maybe.

“Displaced, Dismembered, Displayed: Plastinated Anatomy Exhibits and Narratives of Immigration”
Just think about corpses. Then think about them some more. Welcome to my world.

Ah academia, land of protocol. I have yet to figure out what the protocol for making available (or not) unpublished graduate papers is. Is that somehow less than humble? Does it render them unpublishable in the future? If I can find a good excuse, I’ll certainly push my work out there for all you nice, masochistic people who really want 20 pages on how Lolita finds her way into the X-Men universe as a mutant whose power is to emit arousing pheromones.

In the meantime, happy (belated and/or still approaching) holidays. May your winter break, however short, be full of reading and games and then more reading. Ooh, also sleep. But also reading.

P.S. Tell me that Santa mask isn’t creeeeeeeeeepy. Redheads of the world unite and such, but still.

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